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This site has been created with special accessibility features that allow it to be used by a wide audience. Some special features to note are:

  • Keyboard shortcuts have been used on this site. At any time, a user can press ALT + 1 then "Enter" to reach the "Home" page, ALT + 2 then "Enter" to reach the "Contact" page, ALT + 3 then "Enter" to reach the main navigation and ALT + 4 then "Enter" to reach page content.
  • Alternative text has been used for all important images. This feature is used for text-to-speech browsers and all-text browsers.
  • All links leading to pages outside of this Web site will open in a new browser window. The attributes of these windows can be controlled by the user.
  • Descriptive hyperlinks have been used along with titles attached to each link.
  • "Skip to Main Content" and "Skip to Navigation" links have been added to the top of every document to allow users of text-to-speech browsers easy navigation.
  • Font sizes can be adjusted using browser settings.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have been used to control much of the site's layout.

Increasing text size in Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 4.x

  • On the View / Tools menu, select Internet Options
  • On the General tab, select Fonts
  • Select the font size you would like

Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x >

  • On the View menu select Text Size
  • Choose the font size you require

Increasing text size in Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator 6.x

  • On the Edit menu, click Preferences
  • Double-click on Fonts, which is listed under Appearances. If Fonts isn't available, double-click on Appearances.
  • Choose a font size from the options listed in the pulldown menu
  • Click OK



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