Whitehurst & Cawley, L.L.P.
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Whitehurst & Cawley, L.L.P. is a responsive, decisive law firm which adheres to a simple philosophy in all disputes – aggressive evaluation, innovative planning and thorough implementation. Whatever the nature of the dispute, the first and most important responsibility is to realistically evaluate the issues and determine viable options. Once this is accomplished, a realistic plan of action is established through comprehensive coordination

The success of Whitehurst & Cawley is measured in the long term relationships built with their clients and the satisfaction which they possess. As successful, experienced trial attorneys, the best approach in successfully handling any matter is thorough preparation and coordination with the clients and representatives. It is beyond question that being prepared for successful trial and having the discipline to try difficult cases results in a successful experience on behalf of our clients. When appropriate, we will recommend non-litigation options and represent many of our clients in arbitration and mediation proceedings.